Dusts of Binary

A Grave Warning to PartyGoers

By LoveBits

1. XtraMundane

Released 02/20/20/20


This was made for you with ❤ in about 3 hrs.

Plz don't worry, your speakers will be fine.

Most of these sounds were performed on an unplugged electric piccolo bass that was recorded on an iPhone 4S and then processed to shit with fx. There was also a plugged-in electric bass which was recorded on a computer and then also processed to shit.


Toys - Bass / Noise / ❤


This audio xprmnt transpired on 19/02/20/20 @ SplendidMethLab

If you wish to use any of these sounds for any purpose (seriously, any purpose at all!), plz contact @ splendidindustries@gmail.com

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"A Grave Warning to PartyGoers" by Dusts of Binary

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