Animal Party

"Animal Party is the experimental electronic solo project of Dublin-born Sinéad Bermingham. Animal Party paints imagery of natural phenomena, relating to the human condition and her own personal experiences through music by blending dense textures, ample beats, organic and synthetic sounds. This synthesis shines all the brighter in its live and dance focused audio-visual manifestation. A multi-instrumentalist with a hardware heavy live show; Animal Party performs using live harp, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and a variety of analog audio effects to compliment the dreamy and abstract melodies and lyrics. Harnessing her experience touring across Ontario and hosting shows, producing for a variety of different musicians and doing studio session work both instrumentally and through beat production, Animal Party dedicates her life to her art and is always seeking new challenges and experiences."

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[NEW] Sever by Animal Party

"Sever" by Animal Party

Location:  Toronto, ON, Canada

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