Dusts of Binary

Demagogues & Barking Dogs

By Dusts of Binary

1.   ERR0R_404

2.   Funeral of a Computer

3.   Planet World

4.   The Wheels of Collapse

5.   Worms

6.   Orphaned Widows

7.   Sleeping Dogs

8.   Opened Windows

9.   B1T_S0L0

10. Crows

11. Sprawling Metropolis

12. Nightmare for Lifelong

Released 12/12/2019 


IBM Pollyanna Principle:

(axiom) "machines should work; people should think."
e.g. machines should do all the hard work, freeing people to think (hence the reference to Pollyanna)
e.g. most of the world's major problems result from machines that fail to work, and people who fail to think.



D&BD is a study into the effects of ongoing socio-technological interactions as they pertain to global human_welfare and future political outcomes.

Embrace redundancy, human_friend.



Toys - Bass / Noise / Production

Dreb - Drums

All sounds have been recorded as part of a realtime xprmnt performed by Toys 'n' Dreb in Room 38 sometime during 2012, subsequently arranged, mixed & disastered by Toys @ SplendidMethLab from October-December, 2019.

If you wish to use any of these sounds for any purpose (seriously, any purpose at all!), please contact us @ 

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"Demagogues & Barking Dogs" by Dusts of Binary

Location:  Toronto, ON, Canada

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