Dusts of Binary

DustBin Late Nite Classix

By LoveBin

1. OtherWords

Released September 25, 2o18

A msg from DustBin: 

It's a LoveSong™, folks! 

Nearly a decade spent collecting dust in $™'s junk vault, this thing is thought to have been kicking around since sometime in early 2o1o. Re-discovered in Sept. 2o18, though sounding a bit of a mess (muddy stereo-only mix of just bss/drms/gtr w/ some screwy dynamics + zero pizzazz), Toys volunteered his time off-the-clock to finally complete this one for your listening...umm..pleasure? A little late & better than never -- we're happy to inform that for a buck-0-one you may now own this previously unreleased piece of stuff as it was intended - all noisy and broken sounding. We hope you enjoy! 

What the world needs now... 




Toys - Bss, Prdctn, Wrds & Vx 
Dreb - Drms 
Sandimango - Gtr 

O/W was originally written & arranged by Toys 'n' Dreb sometime in 'o8-'o9. 

O/W was recorded by Toys 'n' Sandimango in a filthy little jamspace in late 'o9 or early '1o. 

O/W was subsequently arranged some more, penned lyrics, mixed & mastered by Toys @ SplendidMethLab in Sept. 2o18.

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Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for adverse effects resulting from the consumption of this substance. 

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"DustBin Late Nite Classix" by Dusts of Binary

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I don't know what to do 
When I am here 
Standing in front of you 
I haven't the 
Foggiest Eye 
Just don't have a clue 
Were you and I...*ahem* 
To tell you the truth 
They've told me I'm modest 
And I 
Have any OtherWords 


"So, he doesn't have any OtherWords?" 
"No, he doesn't have any." 
"So, he doesn't have ANY OtherWords?!" 
"No, he does in half." 
"So, he doesn't halve any OtherWords?" 
"No, he dozen halve any." 
"So, he dozen half any OtherWords?" 
"Oh, he does..." 

Whoa! He doesn't have any OtherWords 
Whoa! He doesn't have any 
Whoa! He doesn't have any Other...
Whoa! He does 

Whoa! He doesn't have any OtherWords 
Whoa! He doesn't have any 
Whoa! He doesn't have any OtherWords 


otherwords / otherwords 
...otherwords / oth 
......otherwords / otherwor 
.........otherwords / otherwords 
............otherwords / oth-other 
...............otherwords / oth-other 
..................otherwords / other 

other, other, other, other, other, other, other, other, Other 
words, words, words, words, words, words, words, Words 



I just don't have any otherwords, I don't have any otherwords... 

"Well, human_folks, we hope you had a splendid evening! Hey!! 
Now it's come time to draw our curtain 
We'd just like to thank all of you... 
For letting us share a few... 

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