Dusts of Binary

DustBin Xmas Classics N°1

By Dusts of Binary

1. Xmas All At Once

Released December 21, 2017 

A message from Splendid Industries: 

Season's Greetings, folks! We here at $™ know the approaching Post Binary era may seem unsettling, but please remain calm. Our Splendid Methodologies Laboratory is making great strides in the development of technologies to gracefully rocket humankind over the exciting new horizons of our PostBin future. So, let us all take some time during these holidays to focus on the things that matter most and not worry in the least about what's to come in the new year. 

Merry Xmas, all you wonderful humanoids! 

Splendid Industries 

Cover Photo Attribution: 
Dave Wilson 

Special thanks to Paul McCartney 

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"DustBin Xmas Classics N°1" by Dusts of Binary

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