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Tell us, what are you listening to this wk/mo/yr?





Hey Dreb!! I know you'll see this eventually -- can you post a link to that Nate Wood one man band vid you were showing me? plz_n_thx!

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  • howdy everyone, I've recently released an album called Have A+ Nice Day and an EP called August 2018 on bandcamp. You can listen to it here if you wish: :-)
  • After dreaming and accumulating the minimum equipment, I finally just used what I had with the knowledge I have acquired at this immediate space-time to record some music! Everyone seems to have their musical alter-ego... well here is mine: Piers Oolvai I have transformed my previously lack-luster SoundCloud so I can use it as a portal to put up random tracks while I explore my new found abilities on what I call the effected bass clarinet ! I have two tracks up right now, which I have provided below: First up is a work-in-progress on "An Ending (Ascent)" by Brian Eno, a perfect ambient piece for looping! I will be working on it more... The second is an experimental improv piece in which I only used key clicks! There were rather fun once I pushed myself to just do it, with the intention to showcase what I could do down the road. Let me know what you think thus far! I am also into collaborations and group projects if you like what you hear! :-D