Dusts of Binary

Have a nice doom :)

By DustBits

1. Fall 'n' Splat

Released 25/06/2019 

The DustBin team is plz'd to present to you an animated take on mankind's impending doom w/ this latest single from our upcoming full-length album "...a precursor to mankind's impending doom." 

Have a nice doom :) 

Bass 'n' Drums by Toys 'n' Dreb 

Rec'd live by Toys sometime in like 2012 (or whatever) w/ bass + piccolo bass overdubs in June 2019 

Produced by Toys @ SplendidMethLab 

R'n'D by T'n'D 

Concept by Toys 

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"Have a nice doom :)" by Dusts of Binary

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