One of the very first groups to join The Peanut Gallery, Modern Linoleum have been with us since 2008. Their music is free in more ways than one as they have been offering it up compliments of the house since their inception. With cleverly titled pieces, the duo's music is sometimes accompanied by corresponding photography. Drummer, Nigel, can also be found acting as main-brain to his other musical outlet, Assume No Order.

Drums & Bass - Nigel Barylewicz 
Guitar & Mix - James Toth 

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"Marmoleum Love" by Modern Linoleum

Location:  Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hey! Check it out! You may hit ▶ below the album cover to hear music, of course, but then click "Back to 'Sounds'" at the bottom of the page and you can continue searching the website whilst the music plays on -- Woah!!

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