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[/sounds] Daughters - S/T

Updated: Jul 28

I remember when I was, like, 17 or something and heard Canada Songs and it sent my teenage brain on some kinda frantic journey for spastic noise/math music. Hell Songs was a really big deal too, but then for some reason I totally slept on this release (...was on a huge jazz kick, or whatever, I think, and I seem to recall it getting panned by critics at the time...but wtf do they know, anyway, am I right?) So, just getting back around to paying its due credence rn. I mean, they did put on one of the best shows I've ever seen a little more than a year ago when they toured You Won't Get What You Want. Defo the best show I've seen @ Lee's Palace...and I've been to Lee's a ton...played my 1st real show there, even. Anyhoo, this's certainly worthy of your (re)visitation, I'd say.