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2019 Dream Kitchen Artist Sampler?

We're thinking about putting together a compilation album to document the year's music from the splendid artists of TO/GTA. We'll be going around and asking any DK members who've released something in 2019 whether they'd like to contribute a song to the comp, but if you'd like to beat us to the punch, plz let us know if you'd like to be a part of this.

The comp is to be released on January 1st, it will be a name your price sorta thing on Bandcamp, as well as streaming on Splendid Radio. Any funds collected from the release will be divided evenly between the artists involved, provided there are any funds to collect. The goal here is not to make money — this is all about promoting the community to new audiences and generating some cross-promo effects between artists. With the volume of music released by you lovely human_ppl, we feel like this could be an amazing release, hi-liting the fantastic talent that exists here in our own bckyrd.

We hope you feel the same and welcome your involvement in this project. If you'd like more info plz contact us via Facebook, Email, or this very website. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Happy New Year, human_friends!


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