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Astrolope & Piers Oolvai LIVE @ Duffy's presented by Jesse Alarcon!

Woah! 😮 Check it out gang! Next Wednesday two splendid PG solo-artists (Astrolope + Piers Oolvai) are playing this show in TO! Of course, the grumps who frequent our Complaints Dept. will already know these two from their excellent blog-work as contributing human_authors, but now you can encounter them in human_person with your very own eardrums! It's gonna be a wonderful nite, so c'mon down and join a whole buncha us here, over there, for something truly extraordinaire!

(Btw, here's ya authentic event listing, sucka!)

PSsst! This one's put on by Jesse Alarcon from Glue Gun Records, a wicked-awesome musician & human_dude, so be sure to check regularly for all the other great shows he puts on in-town, around, and abound!



Astrolope is aka Loud Paul around here, where he posts tech stuff for our Gear Ops section and performance videos in the C-Dept. Really great stuff -- go check it out here:

Piers Oolvai is aka Nicholas Cooper, master overseer of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope - Radio Program dealing with a wide range of progressive, experimental music weekly on CFRU 93.3 FM, in addition to his writing/reviewing work in the C-Dept. and booking his own shows with SMK - Concert Curation.


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