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[NEW] Eric Thorfinnson - Qwag

Eric Thorfinnson - Qwag

So glad to see this reach the light of day -- here we have a collection of beautifully atmospheric, melodically moving worx by the Dream Kitchen's own Eric Thorfinnson!

Eric is best known as the main-brain behind TO progressive metal band, Autocatalytica, but here we find Ethorf in a bit of a departure from what we've come to expect and, hoo-boy, this one delivers big in the form of unique and evolved compositions w/ a distinctly "artpop" sensibility.

From electro-based gems to acoustic folk, this grouping of songs is mighty diverse, offering much in the way of contrast. Even tho it's more of a compilation of Eric's one-offs over the past year, w/ each piece standing tall on its own merits, there is still a fluidity here that makes for a unified listening experience. In addition to Eric's stellar guitar playing, haunting vocal arrangements & audio production, on three tracks we may also hear an additional vocal dimension brought to the fore by collaborator, Amy Carstensen. Listen for yourself right here:

This is music that can be appreciated on so many levels, transcending the idiom of pop/folk and gently busting mental barriers as it plays. A truly gorgeous piece of artstuffs that I hope will find its way into your digital collection. Not to be missed, imho.

Fave track (keep listenin' on rpt): "BuntsWhip"