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[KINDA NEW] Other Families - GRONE (Single)

Is it possible to pick a single fave tune by Other Families? ...Nah, it really isn't, but this one's just as much a contender as any, methinks.

Right off the jump I was hooked by the drum 'n' bass interplay (always the quickest way to my ❤), but continuing on, the dynamic build of this thing is truly somewhat to be reckoned with. There's no denying this is a big, strong, all grown up song, yo!

Winks to the jazzier side of Zappa and/or the Rock In Opposition movement (à la Henry Cow) may be intentional or un, but however way it goes, comparison to either belies the organically soulful flow of this excellently accessible composition. Somewhich I always pay keen attn is the approach of OF's various vocal combos and how they intertwine with the music in the most delicately instrumental ways. Olivia Claire (of Waxlimbs) works this tune over with fire & ease, attacking every word in perfect contrast to Paul DeBellis' oh-so stoic sing-speak-y style, together performing the balancing-act portion of this particularly poiseful clown-show.

Of course, a heavy nod in the direction of OF's dad & house-engineer (that's you, Jesse Manou!) for the vision + ability to coalesce so many elements within a unified sonic just never stops to cease amazing me, really. The other one of the things that I like is still good about Other Families is the poetry & prose of Zach Buck. Production/layering compliment/enhance the delivery of lyrical msg thru and through, but recollection fails me another wordsman with such intrinsic knack to convey incisively poignant meaning via brilliantly obscured sardonic passage—what's more? Set in motion as key component to advanced musical arrangement! Really is goddamn confounding how this seemingly works so seamlessly, y'know? So yeah, go right ahead and interpret the music as it plays, sure, you're a good listener after all, but whynot be a total nerd like me and scan eyes along with each passing stanza? You'll be glad you did, human_friend!

Finally, the thing I think I've probably come to learn foremost about Other Families over these yrs is that, despite the warmth & open hand of their invitation, you gotta check all unsettlements and pack your own overnight bag before crossing the threshold of this family's house all by yoursleeves...

...Or then again, you could just go all "fuck ur house" and peace.




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