[LISTEN] Dru Jacey - To contain a flame in cotton cloth...

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

You will be mesmerized and enveloped throughout your entire essence by the serenading and intense spellbinding musicking of Dru Jacey, an up-and-coming solo bass guitarist based in Guelph, in his instrumental work ‘To contain a flame in cotton cloth…’ Dru navigates across his 5-string electric bass with multiple playing techniques to evoke constellatory waves of emotion over the course of piece. His passionate eclectic musicianship shines here through the casting of otherworldly bends and flourishes, resonant ethereal chordal tumbling, intricate prog-esque phrases, courting sweet and surprising anticipation, and two expressive sentimental melodic themes that you will fall for time and again. Dru blazes bright without burning his surroundings, leaving a passive yet radiant sonic impression on those who wish to listen to him.

'To contain a flame in cotton cloth...' come off of Dru's 2018 demo EP There it was; where it goes on SoundCloud.

Originally posted to Ride The Tempo on 10/30/2018