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[LIVE] Exit Points #16 (06/30/2021)

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

On Wednesday, June 30th Exit Points (the live-streaming electroacoustics extravaganza) is back to host its 16th ever installment! What a wonderfilled event this has been for the improvisational performance community, featuring musical, visual and movement artists for well over a year now, beaming all that real-time creative energy direct via satellite and into your very own device! The show begins at 8pm and runs thru until 11pm with two longform 40-min sets of group interaction followed by the always highly anticipated "Switchemups" where audience members can join in the excitement for shorter sets and improv along from their very own home! Organized and tech'd by Michael Palumbo (also performing in set #1 as thispatcher), we'd like to express our utmost gratitude to this outstanding human_person who bolsters our spirits thru these efforts of connectedness. Thank you from the depths of our ever-thanksfilled hearts!

Also, plz do check in/out @thispatcher on Instagram to review profiles of the artists leading up to this particular performance!

Exit Points #16 features:

8pm: Ensemble 1 Fae Sirois (Violin and Modular Synth) Marc-Alexandre Chan (Cello & Electronics) thispatcher (modular synth & voice)

9pm: Ensemble 2 Dey Kim (Paetzold, Live Processing, Modular Synth) Shay (Saxophone) Tyson Headon (Bass) Edward Kennington (Ambient Guitar, Bass)

10pm: Switchemups (everyone + guests)

See y'all then/there!!



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