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[NEW] Fun! by Animal Party ft. Bicyclops + Ama

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

What happens when two Dream Kitchen artists meet half a world away with another friend? They have fun, of course!!

Out now on Plutoid, the newest from Animal Party (aka Sinéad Bermingham), "Fun!" sees a collaborative friendscape take sonic shape all the way from Berlin! The camaraderie between these three is clear as a bell when we hear Sinéad teamed up with Bicyclops (aka Phil Johnston) on guitar and Ama (aka Amakhoe Goabas) contributing vocals. With a playful piece of music and tears of joy, the mood is set like a resurfacing reminiscent of "Aquatic Ambience" (one of my personal fave bits of nostalgia here; a classic Donkey Kong theme composed by David Wise). A more uplifting free-floating-feeling there could not be cuz, after all, friends and fun are something I think we could all do with a little more of atm 🙂

And! This very track has been enriched all the more by video expertly cut & synch'd by Bicyclops as complement to the musical movement on offer -- so check up on that super fun vid right over thisaway 👉 Vid for "Fun!"

***All proceeds from this track will be donated to a COVID relief fund in Namibia***


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