[NEW, KINDA!] DustBin EarlyWorm Classix!

As the first of an undetermined quantity of new xprmnts to be made publicly available this year (20/20), here we join the DustBin team in their ode to workday mornings. Up bright and early for this one, our usual study participants Toys 'n' Dreb have developed this "actual song" over the course of a while, and we @ $™ have been promised more "actual music" from the team in the future. Plz note the additional research and wonderful sonic contributions of JayBert (programming), and Matt CampBell (guitar) — we thx you sooo much!

Originally included as part of the Splendid Industries two volume year-end community compilation (The Peanut Gallery: A Year In Review - available right now for free!), this can now be found amongst DustBin's study archives here or on Bandcamp (where it is available again...for free!...again!)

You may now resume your toil, human_friend.

What the world needs now...