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[NEW] N A V I - Runes

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

N A V I have returned with Runes - a new audiodrone journey over dark ambient soundscapes, permeating the crevasses of every headspace you've got, human_friend.

As noted on prior outings such as Cartography EP (2019), this is sound which captures the night perfectly, encouraging lost thought and focusing meandering minds on the mysterious moving atmospheres generated by the duo of Justin Huang Ford and Matt Romerin. Utilizing involved concepts usually based around theories of geometric form adaptation which informs their work in the most thought-evoking manner. The core principle at play here being the conversion of the Circle of Fifths from a 2D diagram to the 3D plane is like looking at one of the most standard fundaments of our musical language from a unique & challenging perspective... but that's not to say you need to have any idea about all that brainy stuff to enjoy the sonic artscience presented here!

So, s'pose I'll leave you now to form your own ponderments, human_friend, whilst your psyche is swept up in the dark-chill vibes that N A V I always emit so effectively.


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