NEW Single from DUSTBIN!

A msg from Dusts of Binary:

The DustBin team is plz'd to present to you an animated take on mankind's impending doom w/ this latest single from our upcoming full-length album "...a precursor to mankind's impending doom." 

Have a nice doom :)


This release is part of a grand scheme in correlation w/ The Peanut Gallery Inaugural Ball @ Junction City Music Hall. You see, if you contact us and arrange to pre-pay your admission, you get to take advantage of our EarlyWorm™ Special which will land you one FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for DustBin's forthcoming FULL-LENGTH ALBUM due to be released on digital platforms in December 2019 (probably)! To be added to the PGIB@JCMH guest list, just write "early worm" in the subject field of your msg.

Needless to say, this is a hugely exciting time for all involved w/ $™, so plz join us as we roll out a new era of amazing unconventional music and artistic experimentation for all the blessed human_ppl of Toronto, and beyond!