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Quartet Performances from TCB #73!

Updated: May 18

Here's Mechanical Forest Sound's video footage from Track Could Bend #73, which found $ assembling an outstanding line-up of artists for ultra-fun group improv performance! Check out MechForestSound's blog here for more on this and future events in the ongoing Track Could Bend series.


Erin Corbett (Modular Synth) @erincorbettmusic

Michael Palumbo (Modular Synth) @thispatcher

Sinéad Bermingham (Harp/FX) @animalparty_assassinbug

Toys (Bass/FX)

Paul T. Geldart (Electronic Drums/Percussion) @astrolope

Curtis B. Whittaker (Acoustic Drums/Percussion) @tabularasa7203

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