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[WATCH] Dog Drive Mantis - Volta

The universal sonic dials and the magical time corridors have been set oh-so sweetly and secure… a ravishing engaging experience… a celebratory extravaganza and an existential reflection.... Oh yeah, this dives deep. These 'Sauga bois have done it again: effected alto saxophonist Derek Serbin, guitarist Mike Papaloni, bassist Carmen Haines, and drummer Neilroy Miranda! Dog Drive Manits (DDM) channels forth and belts out a new electrifying-smooth audio-visual endeavour. This time, it is for a brand-new original composition, Volta, that truly demonstrates their current stage in their fascinating evolution as a tight & emotive indie progressive jazz quartet, and showcasing all their musical inspirations across the work’s neo-futuristic and psych-radical tides.

Everything about Volta is gorgeously and brilliantly crafted for being independently build together by the band and their assists. The videography for their Royal Raceway (Mario Kart 64) cover was unique and impressive, but maybe because it is for one of their own works, this video breaths vibrant life… a character marvel of wonderment and spirit that is all DDM. You seem to float and swoop through the overlaying textures of VHS static, computational glitches and star sparkles and lose yourself in the transient locals of nature, cities, and space. However, the exploration is grounded with DDM’s studio-recorded performance of Volta.

A roller-coaster through visions and dreams, the music is fit to match the video: a sultry calm sustain played out by Carmen and Mike hints at the post-rock sphere. Meditative jazz energy enters in with Derek’s pleasurable sax melodies and Neilroy’s groovy rumbles and tinglings. DDM’s playing is beautifully passive thus far, just like a lover’s gentle caress. After this ease-in, they ramp up into a cosmic rush of rhythmic and dynamic rock energy that gives off a kaleidoscopic array of impressions, deadly to yearning to anticipation to catharsis. Volta ends calmly like it began, but deceptively, as Derek’s sax tone takes a descending pitch slide via his pedals, providing a sensual obscure landing to our journey.

'Volta', by definition, is a turn of thought or argument in a poetic sonnet. Dog Drive Mantis certainly provides us with many smooth elaborate turns in their Volta, a lovely effervescent instrumental sonnet in and of itself.

Volta is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Bandcamp.


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