[WATCH] HoHum by Dusts of Binary @ The Peanut Gallery Inaugural Ball

Updated: Aug 22

Hey, so y'all remember that big event full of bonkers math rock and swirling fractal geometry hosted by $™ back on 08/08/2019? Ya know, that night featuring amazing PG acts like Future Machines, Animatist, Yumster, Fractal Sound, and our very own in-house research team Dusts of Binary? Yeah, of course, right?

Well, here is the videographic evidence of the first time ever live performance of DustBin's xprmnts! Watch in beautiful 1080p as the team barely maintain their human_form thru this rollicking edition of hit single "HoHum" -- an ode to workday mornings. (HoHum is also available for free digital download here and also here, btw!)

It should be noted at this time that DustBin remains poised to breach the cleanroom once more, so plz direct any inquiry into booking live xprmnts for your next event (seriously, any event at all!) to

In Dust We Trust