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[WATCH] Other Families - That's What I Am

Check it out, human_friend! Our other human_friends in Other Families have got a bunch of the family together to put out this Valentine's Day vid for their newest sonic/phonic singularity -- "That's What I Am"!

With a few fresh faces stopping by, this welcoming family unit is doling out the love even if it means getting pushed around by some moustachioed rent-a-cops. Featuring the acting talents of mainstays Jesse Manou (bass, production), Josh Johnston (vox, security), Paul Geldart (drums), and Jackson Welchner (piano, bck vox), we are also joined here by the musical stylings of Stephanie March (vox, security), Sinéad Bermingham (guitar, bck vox), and Megan Romano (alto sax)!

Another wonderful addition to the OF catalogue, and one to share with the significant other_human in your life! Fun fact: Downgrade to 144p to make it like you're watching on a real shitty security cam!

(Plz note! You can stream without the moving pictures @ OF's Spotify and/or Apple Music, maybe? ...But I don't know what that even is anymore, tbh.)


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