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[WATCH] Past Machinery - Jackson Welchner ft. Paul Geldart

Recently (Nov. 26th), Good Listener and all around amazing musician Jackson Welchner (solo artist + Other Families) has released a video featuring a new tune named "Past Machinery" which looks ahead 20 yrs toward the future of human relationships with Artificial Intelligence.

Past Machinery takes a deep-pocket nu-jazz/neo-soul approach with bass, keys, & vox all performed & produced by Jackson who is accompanied here by Paul Geldart (Astrolope + Other Families + Waxlimbs) on drums. The foundation of the performance was recorded live-off-the-floor with some overdubs, engineered by Jackson with a little audio help from Alex Metcalfe (Feyla + Waxlimbs) and videoed by Sinéad Bermingham (Animal Party + BisonBison) and Kaiva Gotham (Luge + Other Families). As something of a community affair, this one was presented as a part of Good Listener 7 (a monthly meet-up for bunch of artists who like to hang out in Paul's garage) back on Nov. 24th.

So, let's all extend the warmest of welcomes to our new neighbour, Jackson Welchner:

"May I borrow a cup of coffee?"


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