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[WATCH] Piers Oolvai // Philosopher's Wool [Official Music Video]

My flowers of reinvention are born,

From desecration of perfection and fear once adorned.

They drift in delicate tufts so serene,

Snow burning bright and bold preen.

Crisp infernos transmutation with atmosphere,

Spool new wisdoms from old forms severe.

Amorphous wool of caressed texture enfold,

White hue with leaks of gold.

Galvanize and embrace my soul brilliance,

A cast of reflective vulnerability and morphic resilience.



Video conceptualized, recorded and pieced together by Piers Oolvai.

Music conceptualized, performed, recorded and mixed by Piers Oolvai (with mixing guidance from Sinéad Bermingham).

Obtain the piece on Bandcamp.


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