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[WATCH] Romshii + Erin Corbett - Tulpa Topanga

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Available now on the tube, just for you! Glue Gun Records artist Romshii's latest single debuts today with spectacular vid-treatment by Erin Corbett!

On this strange journey to a lush psych-electro plane of audio-visuals, we burst into a colourfilled kingdom of chill beats and effervescent pinwheels. Traversing the abstract dreamland, we follow a vivacious Toaster Queen in the catwalk quest to unite with King Pop Tart... needless to say, the whole thing culminates in a fiery climax of violent eroticism. With a whole 'nother twist of audience-interactive unusuality, the creative process involved online polls via Romshii's Instagram wherein melodies and synth parts were voted on by the artist's followers, making this a sorta "composition by committee", so to speak. With a forthcoming 4th audio release is on its way to a Gluey Bandcamp near you, this and other music-tunes will form the basis of Romshii's live performance, coming soon!


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