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[WATCH] VERSA's 'Composites' Series - No. 1 & 2

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Guelph-based multidisciplinary post-rock group VERSA are phenomenal creators of intriguing and vibrant visual landscapes ranging from marbled fluidity, subtle sharpness and digital frenzy to accompany their lavishing instrumental music. They terraform anew what our eyes can see, evolving and breaking expectations of the possible spaces for reflection and amazement... and I assure you, it is awe inspiring! You will either melt away within the shimmering nebulae and geomagnetic fields or make it a sonic quest to traverse the depths of perception and glee... or honestly, a bit of both :-D

Recently, the main core duo, Alex Ricci and Monika Hauck, have been producing what they call 'Composites'. Here is their official description of this project:

"A creative exercise by VERSA exploring improvisation, repetition and sonic textures with the goal to create longer form compositions. Visuals are also generated in tandem to provide contemplative and meditative digital environs to accompany listening,"

Witnessing the first two Composites, "No. 1 -Trap Is Full" and "No. 2 - SAD Therapy", the duo brush with heavy electronic palettes to release impressions of kosmische and downtempo. Interconnected in the same universe, VERSA imagines a universe of floating crystal balls and voltage spheres, alien skylines and vector grids, entrances into photo-negative cathedrals, superposition gradient walls, dark prismatic ripples, and worm holes of striking neon colours. These extended works calmly engage us in their circular exploratory sonic natures and their pertinent visual realms, like walking through a blooming mist sparking wanderlust... ever-changing and brisk. The Composites' contrasting elements find harmony with each other, becoming amalgamated realms of evolving tranquility and fascination.

Below are those realms from VERSA's YouTube channel, and I am excited to see new ones to follow:

"Composite No. 1 - Trap Is Full" is featured on the Glue Gun Records Social Isolation Variety-Time Extravaganza, and can be viewed HERE.


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