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Quite a miraculous existential warm dialogue is depicted through the music video for ‘V’ by Guelph post-rock multi-media collective VERSA, in collaboration with Colin Harrington (A Pocket History of Mars) and dance choreographer and performer Lindsay Roe. Entirely visualized in various real environments from the wilderness to city blocks, we experience the internal exploration of what appears to be a slumbering higher-being, imagining and experimenting what it would be like to possess and move with a physical body. ‘V’ follows a natural growth alongside the being in the video, a steady build up with distinctive organic variations of instrumental loops and patterns that intrinsically produce an irresistible kinetic groove to dance to. The wanderlust and carefree nature within the being, and the bittersweet realization that this is the case as you watch them, strikes hardest when it reaches the piece’s cathartic perigee: Will they ever be able to live their dream?

V’ comes off VERSA’s self-titled 2018 debut album VERSA available on Bandcamp.

Upcoming Performance Dates: March 9: Guelph, ON @ Gain Music & Arts Festival March 15: Toronto, ON @The Monarch April 26-27: Fredericton, NB @ Flourish Festival May 4: Montreal, QC @ La Plante May 6-11: Mexico City, MX @ Y2K Live Looping Festival


Originally posted to Ride The Tempo on 03/06/2019


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