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We made it!!

Updated: Jun 14

Well, human_friends, it looks like spam_wave 2022 has ended... for now!

Just in case you tried to sign up to the community in the last month-or-so and were not accepted, plz understand that this was not an issue with you and was really just down to the fact that I've been manually deleting thousands of fake membership requests and you probably just got mixed up/in with the flood of bots, bots who actually started using phony human_names toward the end there, just to make things even harder... so serious desperation move there, bots!

Anywhichway, even while this has all remained inconspicuous behind-the-scenes stuff to the users of the site, plz do continue frolicking, and capering, and whatever else it is you like to do here on this most inviting webspace 🧐

Yours truly,