"Writhing Star" Archive N°2: Starpilot

This month's Writhing Star is prolific electronic music creator - the one and only - Starpilot.

Starpilot produces a repertoire of trippy synth-pop, chip-bit tunefulness & glitchy dreamscapes/nightmares that tend to stick with you for days/months/years. A guaranteed compliment to your next trance state (induced, or otherwise), this is music that invites you to consider the benefits of psychedelics, encouraging mental enhancement by way of mind-altering substance use.

This latest release, Sun Door 間 Moon Door 閒 (December, 2018), offers a beautiful introduction to the more chill side of Starpilot, taking the listener through an array of quirky melodies, sweeping FX and soothing downtempo arrangements.

Also, be sure to check out SP's other projects, The Very Loud Coma & Pocket Soup!