"Writhing Star" Archive N°5: Future Machines

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This month's Writhing Star also happens to be a feature act of Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball @ Junction City Music Hall on August 8th! (This is the 1st EVER LIVE EVENT in a new series presented by your human_friends at $™!!)

So, plz join us in saying hello to an exciting new band taking a bold step forward within the idiom of mathrock -- Future Machines!

 The first release from the trio of Matthew Fong (guitar), Chris Pruden (bass synth), and drummer Lorenzo Castelli, this debut EP will be right up the alley of anyone hungry for bit-crushed madness and hyperactive rhythmic phrasing run amok. Stuttering, sputtering guitar melds perfectly with off-kilter drumming as the group embraces their weirdness and makes no apologies. A deliberate barely in control quality adds heaps to the intensity level. With lovely broken glitch-texture soundscapes contrasting these frenetic instrumental escapades, the skill of the musicians is clear, though never at the expense of the music, if ya catch my drift.

...Tricked-out bobble-head jump-math jazzcore, ya'll! Woo!

Oh! Btw, if you're liking what you're hearing up there as much as we do, maybe go check out more from Matthew Fong and Chris Pruden with their previous band, Falcon Punch, as well as Matt's even earlier work with Blastronaut! All this and more may be located in The Dream Kitchen! Yessss!