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You should really get that checked out...

Your Future Machines are showing! It's true, they'll be coming to you as a part of Splendid Industries' Inaugural Ball @ Junction City Music Hall!

With their self-titled debut EP dropped back in March, Future Machines have quickly gained a widespread following of math & progressive rock fans. Stuttering, pitch-shifting, bit-crushed pandemonium & juxtaposed floating polyrhythmic atmosphere swirls -- dynamic and intrepid, this is no trifling matter. What more could you want? This is exciting new music from a new band right here our own backyard!

And would ya believe that you can now take it all in LIVE as a part of an unprecedented evening of elaborate multimedia math equations! So, c'mon down friendly human_pal and join us in inaugurating this BIG SHIP with a BIG SHOW filled to the brim with human_cheer!

Here's to your FUTURE within the MACHINE!

See ya there!


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