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Mar 02, 2021
In Good Listener
Hey, remember when we used to do that thing in my garage? All the cool kids were there, and we listened to each others WIP music and talked about it and maybe got kinda stoned too. That was fun, we should do it again! Oh right, Covid. Uhhh... Let's just do it here instead! What better place to host GL than our very own $plendindustries? Let's post our passion projects in-progress and profess our potential permutations, er, human_friend? (Am I doing this right?) ... All right, so I'll go first then. Here's something I did recently, and I'm wondering how it will be received. It's a synthdrumming spacebeat videosong. I've sent it off to our friend Piers Oolvai of the SMK for overdubs of some of his transfixing clarinet stylings. I've uploaded a few of these solo jams already, and I think it would be cool to have featured artists going off over my beats. Anyway, here's my part by itself: So what did you think of that? Does it hold your attention? Does it make you feel something? I called it "Hypno music" because I feel like it's good for getting into a trance-like state, but in a more funky psychedelic way or something? Last time I uploaded one of these I called it "Jazzy" and I had comments like "UM THIS ISN'T JAZZ BRO" so idk. Does this fit neatly into an existing genre? What kind of people would like this music? Does it only really appeal to other spaced-out autistic synth nerds like me? Thanks, that's that. Looking forward to hearing what y'all have been up to. <3
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