Track Could Bend

“Improvised music and weird rock offshoots” — a monthly series curated by Joe Strutt (of Mechanical Forest Sound) bringing improvised music back to the bars on the first Tuesday of every month. The goal of the series is to present creative music in a different environment and mix performers and audiences together. Shows will include experimental performances by members of the city’s rock scenes — often in new recombinant collaborations. Shows are PWYC and start and end early.

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Founded as a blog about one curmudgeon's love affair with the em dash, Mechanical Forest Sound has grown to become a community-based archive of local musical culture. Assuming that "independent music" isn't just boys with guitars and "culture" isn't just some sort of pageant, MFS is an investigation of a wide range of artists, reflecting on concerts as shared experiences, acts of citizenship and a chance to get down — fuzzy photographs and clear-  sounding original live recordings a specialty.

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