Dusts of Binary

We are Making a New World

By Dusts of Binary

1. TarSands

2. Through a Tube

3. Waste of Time

4. WoodSheddin'

5. We Love You, GoodBye

Released January 1, 2018

Dedicated to our boreal forest 

A message from Splendid Industries: 

Welcome to the New Year, folks! We at $™ are pleased to offer you a glimpse at what's in the pipeline for our DustBin team. Please resist the urge to panic as these tests have been engineered to aid you in coping with the shifting climates of our PostBin era. We hope you find what you are looking for in this new world we are making. 

Love always, 
Splendid Industries


DustBin test sounds for PostBin era from study "We are Making a New World" 

Test Location: 

Test Subject(s): 
Toys H. StanHope (Bass Section) 
Drebber SaladBar (DrumKit Trio) 

Cover Photo Attribution: 
Kris Krüg 

© 2018 Splendid Industries

Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for adverse effects resulting from the consumption of this substance.

"We are Making a New World" by Dusts of Binary

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