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Splendid Industries is a number of interesting things, but mostly it is a collective of weird artists which hosts & sponsors many not-for-profit arts initiatives around Toronto/GTA, mainly focusing on experimental , progressive, no wave, and avant-garde music thru promotion of local artists & events (ie: The Peanut Gallery),  community building & facilitating networking/collaboration (ie: Complaints Dept.), and developing new multimedia productions (ie: SplendidMethLab, DustBin). This website is set up so that anyone from anywhere can join and create their own custom profile, and we would invite and encourage any interested parties to do so right now!

Some of the projects we are seeking to collab on in the future are multimedia events, music videos, short films, a literal cartoon show, and more! We are certainly open to your ideas as well, and if there's some way we can help you achieve your artistic goals, well now, that's sort of what we're here for!

Anyhoo, we hope that your art is treating you kindly, and we'd love to hear from you if and when you eventually happen upon this message!
For booking inquiries (seriously, any booking inquiries at all!), plz contact

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