Splendid Industries
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Welcome (again and again) to Splendid Industries!

(tl:dr) - We book shows, write reviews, and are a DIY Label or something!

$™ was founded in early 2018 by a guy named Tyson Headon (aka Toys, Tyso) with the explicit purpose of promoting local community spirit and good times for practitioners of weirdo experimental music & art across Southern Ontario.

As a DIY, not-for-profit organization, $™ has also been implicitly purposed with disrupting capitalist agendas and giving a platform to artists so that they may express themselves more publicly via hosting events, live concerts, promoting community initiatives, writing lots of words about how awesome the local scene is, and continuously developing and releasing original creative content.

Splendid Industries has been said to be a somewhat confusing thing by many who have come through. Rest assured, this has been fully intentional. It seems now, though, that it may be time to lift the veil revealing some pertinent info on what truly forms the fibre of our being and, in stating that, plz allow us to offer some explanation of what you actually are right now. (Like the various sections you will encounter here on this very web platform and what it is we're doing exactly.)


Splendid Methodologies Laboratory is the primary creative branch of $™. It's where we develop our ideas and put into practice our own brand of outreach, usually by way of really very weird music and other types of creative media.


Dream Kitchen

This is the curated community of artists which $™ has been connecting (usually in person) over the course of its existence. It's hard to keep up sometimes, but over 50 artists have graced the Kitchen, and many are available for event bookings, so plz hit us up for more info on all that, including how to join or become involved in some other way.

Complaints Dept.

Our C-Dept is the place to be if you'd like to read blogs, articles, or reviews, and sometimes watch videos on the local goings on within the community. It is also a free-to-join online communications centre allowing for site-users to create a unique profile and interact directly with the network of artists here. If you would also like to become a contributing author, plz contact us at the email provided below and we can get you acquainted with our very much freedom-focused system of creative writing. (You may also promote your own art here.)

There's a ton of other stuff we're doing and you can find a bunch of unmentioned things if you explore a bit, but for now that does it for boring text. If you have any questions about anything (seriously, anything at all!), plz contact at the email address below... an email address you will also find splattered on almost every page of this site :)