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The Happiest Plane On Earth

Whether seeking a brief escape from reality or a complete mind-altering adventure, let TripPlanner be your guide to the new experiences and destinations which await on the fringes of your wildest imagination.*  

*Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for undesirable trips resulting from your wildest imagination. 

During a surveying expedition for potential development opportunities, Splendid Industries discovered an undocumented species—in early 2019, a small group of infinite_monotremes were found. With their erratic behaviour patterns monitored and recorded over the following years, a most noteworthy trait is what can only be ascertained as a unique language or system of calls (known scientifically as a 'racket') produced via implementation of assorted objects.


And now, human_friends, we exhibit these exotic creatures live in a controlled environment near you.


Safely roam the ethereal plane, letting their wild call transport your psyche home to...


e t e r n a l _ o u t b a c k

"Gloom Sessions: Volume I" by Infinite Monotremes
"Gloom Sessions: Volume II" by Infinite Monotremes
"Live at Track Could Bend" by Infinite Monotremes

Thx you for your support of our ongoing schemes

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