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The happiest plane on Earth.

Whether seeking a brief escape from reality or a complete mind-altering adventure, let TripPlanner be your guide to the new experiences and destinations which await on the fringes of your wildest imagination(*).  

*Splendid Industries ($™) and affiliates accept no legal responsibility for undesirable trips resulting from your wildest imagination. 

Splendid Industries Presents: The Wrong Show

Splendid Industries has deliberately ejected The Wrong Show. As human_people have since disowned the glory of a fax machine, an inevitable performance series pays homage to the dial-up era, when cute cat vids existed only in our dreams. Your entertainment is hoped for (we make no promises) with this broken television glitch cabaret. Check our PressRoom frequently for new dates and locations.


**This program may not be suitable for audiences under the age of Windows XP**

Have a nice doom :)

Splendid Industries brings to you The Gloom Sessions - a semi-regular seasonal event transporting thrill-seekers to a world of unfathomable dread. Encompassing all that drives fear into the hearts of human_kind—from black licorice to the last two hours in a game of Monopoly—this is yet another reason to tread lightly as one nears the end of October. Stay up-to-snuff by following our sporadic PressRoom publications to know when and where our next session might begin.


And until then...


Have a nice gloom :)

Splendid Industries Presents: The Gloom Sessions
Splendid Industries' Math Faire

Splendid Industries' Math Faire is an irregularly occurring event showcasing math rock and adjacent musical displays. Each iteration is a unique excursion to a problematic world of crunched numbers and intrinsic effects on the motor-skills of human_practitioners. Counterbalancing the arrhythmic with arithmetic, human_enrollees may discover an experience of potential cognitive enrichment as well as dissonance in concurrent order.

News of future seminars will be announced via our
PressRoom, so plz do keep apprised with periodic stop-ins.

Have a nice...umm...classroom?

During a surveying expedition for potential development opportunities, Splendid Industries discovered an undocumented species — in early 2019, a small group of infinite_monotremes were found. With their erratic behaviour patterns monitored and recorded over the following years, a most noteworthy trait is what can only be ascertained as a unique language or system of calls (scientifically referred to as a 'racket') produced via implementation of assorted objects,


And now, human_friends, we exhibit these exotic creatures live in a controlled environment near you.

Safely roam ethereal planes as their wild call transports your psyche into...


e t e r n a l _ o u t b a c k

"Gloom Sessions: Volume 1" by Infinite Monotremes
"Live at Track Could Bend" by Infinite Monotremes

Thx you for your support of our ongoing schemes

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