Splendid Methodologies Laboratory is the primary testing facility for Splendid Industries ($™). Acting as the main base of operations for inclusive/collaborative research teams such as Dusts of Binary (DustBin), SplendidMethLab is currently working toward pioneering solutions for the trials awaiting in your Post-Binary (PostBin) future.

Plz, allow us to offer you a sense of reassurance in this time of impending doom, and as always...


Have a nice doom :)

K, thx!



...Btw! SplendidMethLab's doors are currently (and pretty much always) open to artists, musicians, filmmakers, animators, drug dealer...keeper-awayers, and nearly anyone who fancies themselves creative and a tad unusual. For more useful info on our initiatives, or any inquiry into opportunities for monetarily uncompensated employment, please visit $™'s Complaints Dept. and/or click the "contact" button...

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