Splendid Methodologies Laboratory is the primary testing facility for Splendid Industries ($™). Acting as the main base of operations for inclusive/collaborative research teams such as Dusts of Binary (DustBin), SplendidMethLab is currently working toward pioneering solutions for the trials awaiting in your Post Binary (PostBin) future.

Plz, allow us to offer you a sense of reassurance in this time of impending doom,

and as always...


Have a nice doom :)

K, thx!



...Btw! SplendidMethLab's doors are currently (and pretty much always) open to artists, musicians, filmmakers, animators, drug dealer...keeper-awayers, and nearly anyone who fancies themselves creative and a tad unusual. For more useful info on our initiatives, or any inquiry into opportunities for monetarily uncompensated employment, please visit $™'s Complaints Dept. and/or click one of our many "contact" buttons.

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