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Est. 2018

(tl;dr) -  Good News! We're Still Here!

Splendid Industries is proud to sponsor the development of The Dream Kitchen 

a DIY/not-for-profit creative music & arts community network which has little if anything to do with actual meal preparation.

The DK has been assembled with the purpose of uniting unique, experimental, progressive, and avant-garde artists from across

The Golden Horseshoe (mostly Toronto) and presenting their work to the world at large via the most convenient means available today. (Ra-ra interwebs!)

Here you have found your entryway to all those weirdo artstuffs one's heart could desire. We invite you to raid our proverbial pantry, and do hope you are pleased by what you encounter here amid the diversity of fresh sights & sounds selected for you by our splendid curation team, Welcome, human_friend, anytime!



Dusts of Binary

$™'s very own recreational science team working outta SplendidMethLab

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Infinite Monotremes, JazzTobacco

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Dusts of Binary

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