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10 Reasons to See LUGE Live! (And 3 Reasons Not to ;)

Here is a new series (you know how we love starting those)! We've seen a bunch of acts lately since the world and stuff, but reviews are boring, and we don't like boring, so now we're doing lists, because lists are exciting.

Lists are the future! Get on it lists!


Luge are happy you made it.

Reasons to:

  1. LUGE is HUGE! (see:

  2. HUGE is just a feeling.

  3. Your feelings are important.

  4. The rhythm section makes you hop.

  5. The other section makes you flail.

  6. Your flailings are important.

  7. Your hoppiness is important.

  8. Bring your bass players and drummers, watch them cry authentic tears 😥

  9. Bring a banana, chew in different times.

  10. Nope wave?

Reasons not to:

  1. You're calling me a liar.

  2. You live in Toronto in July and the next show is in Montréal.

  3. You're only 4 years old and mum said no 🙁


Luge is a band which combines vocals, synth, guitar, bass and drums, and 4 human_people. In their own distinct manner they create music which combines wonky-tight syncopations, herky-jerky turnarounds, long phrases extending beyond one bar length, and a playfully punkish but also upside-down funkish demeanour. They provide audiences a show that is both exciting to nerdy musicians and inviting for too-cool-for-school noobs. There is hardly a better example of fun music that I can think of, so definitely bring your human_friends next time. See ya there/then!

I don't really like saying FFO... but FFO: Melt-Banana, Geurrillliaa Tosss, Baby Labour, and idk... Primus kinda?


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