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An Inaudible Conversation with...Astrolope!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Welcome to a new series of things wherein Toys heads out and about chit-chatting via satellite with all those splendid Dream Kitchen artists we know and admire! In our first such entry Toys is joined by the amiable and deftly talented Paul (from Astrolope, Other Families, Waxlimbs & Plutoid Records!) in talks on stuff like music & art & why they matter, why money maybe not so much, and how a good band might just save the world some day. So, plz enjoy, human_friend... k-thx!

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Hi Paul! How are you? Also, who are you?

Paul knob-twiddling live as Astrolope!

Hey Toys!!

I'm good, hbu?

Also hi I'm Paul G, drummer for Waxlimbs and Other Families, producer and composer as Astrolope, co-founder of Plutoid Records.

I'm 6'2" and I like long walks on the beach

Yes, good! Beach walks are nice! This is going well, I think... 

Okay, maybe let's get started with Plutoid, cuz it seems like lots of big things have been happening around headquarters there lately. I was poking around the website ( just recently and found tonnes of amazing music from all kinds of great artists, and the site itself is really cool, too.

So what is this, Paul, what is the meaning of this?