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Bicyclops Joins Plutoid!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

It's with pleasure that we announce the cosmic linking of Dream Kitchen artist Bicyclops with the little asteroid that could, Plutoid!

There could be no more sense in the world made than these forces uniting in this manner what with Bicyclops and many among the Plutoid roster of artists sharing in their expanded electro-ambient outlook. And faster than an incoming meteor, we can already see the first collab between label-mates upcoming on August 6th with Animal Party's newest single "Fun!" which sees Bicyclops contributing guitar passages in a highly uplifting funscape we'll be talking allsorts more about a little later on 😉 So, turn your gaze toward the night sky, human_friend, cuz shooting bright-light starshine is inbound!!


1 comment

1 Comment

Aug 05, 2021

♥️Yeehaw! 😎

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