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Catchin' Up w/ Jackson Welchner!

Woah! Back in May (the very 1st of), Jackson Welchner just totally dropped this lil' EP named just a lil' EP, and just a more perfect title for a lil' EP there could not be. But what's on the EP, you ask? Well, one thing about Jackson you might wanna know is this boy has grooooove! Picking up inspiration from the sounds of human_folks like Thundercat and Jacob Collier, this is a ride into vox/keys-focused modern jazz which combines the trickiness of unusual meters with sophisticated harmonies, treating audiences to something cool, fun, and smooth for the soul, whilst also providing a listening experience laced with the kind of intricacy your mind will up & wanna dance to. Not only that, gotta check out Jackson's reimagining of "Brollman's Ballad" by no-wavey practitioners Luge, originally released on their 2018 full-length, Tall Is Just A Feeling.


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