Clara Engel Seams Together 'A New Skin'

Updated: Jan 1

Album artwork by Clara Engel

Initial Revelation:

Winter Solstice / The Great Conjunction 2020 (December 21st)

Release Channel:


Temporal Destination:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sonic Styles:

Folk Noir / Holy Blues / Singer-Songwriter / Dreamscapes 🌌

They provide introspective poetry and phantasmagorical soundscapes for us to survive the long nights to come.

How does Clara Engel continue to craft astonishing gorgeous works romanticizing the dark reality of things through fantastic folk noir? I can’t say for sure… certainly physical experience, sharpening their mind, and maybe a touch of cosmic aura! With all things considered, 2020 was a wonderful year for them within the recording realm with two full-length albums: April’s Hatching Under The Star and, being the focus of this review, December’s A New Skin. Clara’s music floats in a mist, honest and true, providing hidden wanderlust passages of yearning, majesty and rejuvenation. This latest instalment incurs us into a deep ethos of self, especially with challenges evermore.


This album is for everyone... no matter your musical preferences are. At the time of this writing, we are closely surpassing Year 1 of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I believe a common feeling found in us all is that we are losing connective humanity in ourselves through certain ways than none. You will find no better calmness or contemplation in solitude with the pieces Clara as collected together on A New Skin. But really, you would not be alone metaphorically while listening by candlelight with the winds of winter brushing outside, contemplating the essence and importance of life in quarantine and separation. These songs bring an introspective hope and a mesmerizing sparking to the shrunken temporal plane.

A New Skin perfectly encapsulates this isola