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Animatist's new full-length is set for release (vinyl & digital) on Glue Gun Records on July 3rd, human_folks! Pre-order now for the forgetful sort, or maybe just bookmark that shit b/c on drop day (July 3rd!) Bandcamp is giving all revenue shares direct to the artists, so def a good time to unleash a new monster like this unto the world...

And what a monster! This one's been hotly anticipated by the staff @ $™ since witnessing the band perform these tunes live thru-out '19 into '20, including our very own Peanut Gallery Inaugural Ball (of which you may see real-life video evidence feat. Animatist right here & also here!)

There is no other act like this around -- impossible to pigeonhole, their characteristic blend of FX-laden math/post rock within their own kinda modern jazz fusion (completely sans cheese) and a supreme knack for traversing rhythmic progressions with ease tells the story of hi-level technical abilities, obvs, but the sensitivity for developing irresistibly moving, edgy, classy as fuck instrumental music that takes you places is the true hallmark of this powerhouse quartet. For those of you who haven't been privileged enough to see them gracing stages over the past year-or-so with the rest of us, plz let this be your opportunity to submerge all your orifices in this richest of musical soups.

Also! Feels a good time to mention that yours truly recently got fitted up with some beautiful apparel by these wonderful human_fashionistas, so maybe drop 'em a line thru the socials and get yourself some dazzling hi-quality gear like this baby right over here 👉👉👉

Anyhoo, guess I'd better shut up now (gotta save some adjectives for the full review 😉), but yeah, so really super goddamn excited about this one over here, human_friends, you have no idea! ❤,



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