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Dream Kitchen: Anniversary Edition 2021

Updated: Feb 3

Well, we told you it was coming, and now it's really here! Truly a collection for the ages, human_friends. Twenty-two absolute gems contributed by outstanding artists from all around Torontoville and GTArea-land! Six unreleased songs! What a birthday!

And of course, huuuuuuuugest of thanks to all the artists who've built this community and given us so many splendid reasons to exist for these past three years!

ART the Band Waxlimbs Luge Erin Corbett Basal Future Machines Jackson Welchner Square Boys Autocatalytica Feyla Static Channel Dusts of Binary Animal Party Bicyclops Astrolope Blastronaut thispatcher Piers Oolvai Starpilot N A V I JazzTobacco Other Families



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