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Drone Day 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

Tomorrow on the radio! Join the heaping drone pile as artists from all 'round Southern Ontario broadcast ambient atmospheres across the airwaves! This is all part of Drone Day 2022 on CFRU 93.3FM (streaming on from 3-4pm. Assembled by none other than the SMK's guardian overseer Nicholas Cooper (aka Piers Oolvai), the program includes all of the following names, except in sound form! Erin Corbett, Wallace, Mark Wylie, Kaleb Shelton, Danielle Fernandes, Faiyaz Shad, Joel Black, Shahrazi, Lars Rynning, Vapour Vixen, Blue Hardy, Quell, Null Daemon, Thispatcher + Corktown Uncommon, Brent O'Toole, Matthew Davey, Peter Gorski, Tyson Headon, Animal Party, Astrolope, The Golden Age of Wrestling, and, of course, Piers Oolvai!


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