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[UPDATE] Educational Toys

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Good day, human_guest! With the lot of you left to roam the hazy corridors of Splendid Industries all alone since inception, as your host I feel I have neglected my duty to offer you a helping hand in navigating the labyrinth.

Well, better late than not at all - so, shall we?


#1 - If it looks like a link, it probably is a link. Pics, slides, words, invisible stuff - click things, find new things, it's how things work around here, and it's fun!

#2 - It might seem broken, but it's supposed to be that way. We like to mess with things sometimes; we think it's funny.

#3 - You may notice when attempting to visit certain areas you are prompted to log-in if you wish to continue. That means you'll have to sign-up before you look-see. (We have secrets.)

#4 - You can always contact me personally at any time by pressing the "Contact" button at the bottom of nearly every page and sending a message. I will answer your questions and I'm usually super friendly about it!

#5 - Like/Follow us on Facebook ( to keep apprised of all the latest news and exciting features we'll be rolling out in the future! (Secrets, secrets...)


#1 - News - is the place to find all the latest about Splendid Industries, The Dream Kitchen, and all the major goings on in the lives of our artists whose music you should listen to & buy!

#2 - Splendid Radio - is located on the homepage with a pop-out player (sort of) available by means of a clickable link at the top of nearly every page. Want to listen to a periodically updated playlist crammed with the amazing artists of The Dream Kitchen (whose music you should listen to & buy!)? We have made your dreams a reality.

#3 - MAT/H - is an online magazine dedicated to Math/Prog music & visual art all across Canada. Splendid Industries is giddy to be working alongside the crew @ MAT/H and proud to be hosting their fine publication.

#4 - The Dream Kitchen - is where you will find music & art from exciting, unique, obscure & unusual human_artists from all around Canada with a focus on Toronto (for now, anyway). Designed for exploration, all artists are classified into dept's. by distinction of style (close as we can figure), but you can also explore our "Sights & Sounds" if you want to dive in sans preconception.

#5 - Complaints Dept. - is our forum for everything to do with Splendid Industries & The Dream Kitchen, but also music, art and life in general. Discuss anything you like, we are not too picky. Go have some uncensored fun!

That's, for now all folks!

Your friendly curator of weirdness,



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