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Exit Points #12 - The 1-Year Anniversary Show!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

On Wednesday, February 24th it is our grandest pleasure to witness the latest installment of Exit Points -- a monthly gathering of electroacoustic & improvisational audio + visual artists performing for you in realtime online. Claire Yunjin Lee ( synthesizers & sampling)

Colin J. Gibson (electric guitar)

Dot Starkey (Electro-Acoustic Loops)

Danny Sheahan (voice/processing)

Vania Fortuna (voice processing, sampling)

Diane Roblin (Yamaha Reface, piano)

Marcus A. Gordon (orca livecode)

Michael Palumbo (modular synth, voice)

For this milestone event, EP has enlisted a splendid line-up of performers, coming together in ensembles over two 40-min sets and then, as is the custom, all are encouraged to participate for the 'switch-em-up' sets wherein performers from the evening join audience members for shorter performances over the last hour. To get in on the action, simply hit up the link below, fill out the necessaries, and you'll be well looked after...

While Exit Points began as an in-person live event, it has continued for nearly a year utilizing online media platforms to further the mission of building and strengthening the foundation of our musical community. The remarkable efforts of Michael Palumbo (founder/director/performer) and Gabrielle Couillard (tech operations/performer) have been a continuing source of inspiration and connection in a time when it is so needed, and we at $couldn't be happier to keep company with such outstanding human_friends 🙂

...And btw, it might also serve to note that EP and $ and have been collaborating on some new ideas and community projects that you may learn more about in the very soon future! So, stay excited, human_folks! ❤,



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