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[FORUM] Instructions for the Human_Ppl

Hi, my name's Toys! I have been tasked w/ providing explanation as to what this forum is, what it does, and what it may do in the future, so plz bear w/ me as I attempt to string a few words together...

1) This here is a BBS (bulletin board system) Forum. It allows you to post anything from a variety of topics for discussion w/ your fellow community members (ie: the Complaints Dept.). $™ has tried really hard to make it very easy to start a thread, comment on threads, or comment on specific member posts by just clicking the various "comment" buttons below a post or thread topic. So, that's covered — moving along...

2) At the bottom of your thread/comment you will notice several icons representing different items you may add to your post including imgs, vids, lines, html, code, gifs, and files of various types. In this way you may not only customize your post with embedded Youtube videos and/or Bandcamp players, but also use this as a sort of public file share. (See also our Collaboratory for private file sharing.)

3) As well as "following" particular community members (see Community) to be notified about their posts, you may also follow specific forum categories so that you'll never miss an entry to a desired topic. This is probably good for anyone who wants to keep up-to-date on any Dream Kitchen artist news, or to be gently prodded anytime someone posts a new collaborative opportunity, etc.

4) You may also tag your fellow community members by using the "@" symbol before their name, then picking the member from a list. So, typing @Dreb means that now Dreb will get some kind of annoying notification on his phone in the middle of the work day, likely interrupting some important meeting, or something. Mission accomplished!

5) $™ has really tried to make the forum simple to operate and the categories self-explanatory. If you are not a community member, then you will notice a few categories are off-limits to you. This can be remedied by simply signing up which is easy and free and (fyi) we're super-friendly to newcomers most of the time!

6) @$™ Admin as well as a few others (including myself) are moderators around here. If you put something in the wrong place, we'll catch it (eventually) and move it somewhere proper, and if you say something horrible, we'll try to find the humour in it any way we can before deleting it and possibly banning you forever if your joke wasn't funny enough. We hope you appreciate that, while we love thick irony and subversive humour, we have to draw a line somewhere. So why not go ahead and find out where that line is, eh? Sounds like a challenge, no? (It's really not.)

7) I can't think of anything for #7, but if you have any questions plz just comment below and I will do my best to get to everything. W/ all that said, have fun & play safe out there, kiddo!


PS - If you don't already know how to use emojis, just right-click your mouse or hit command "Win+Period" or whatever it is you do for a menu of all them pretty pictures.



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